Julie MayRee Photography! Spunky.Vibrant.Carefree

~Who is she? Julie MayRee!~

She is bright. She is bubbly. She knows that life should be lived to it's fullest!

Rolling in the grass, jumping in puddles, discovering the inner child, capturing the beauty in everyday moments, that's what she does.

After losing her mother at the age of 14 she realized that she had only one photo of her mom and no pictures of the two of them together. She took this life changing experience and combined it with her artistic passion to create Julie MayRee Photography. She believes that everyone should have those special moments preserved to look back on.

Whether it's a senior shoot with a teen, a newborn shoot with your teensy tiny baby, or an 80th birthday portrait with your beloved grandmother, she finds a way to relate to the subject to bring out the very best in them. She strives to capture the true character of each individual.

She wants you to be you, She wants you to have fun and be remembered for this very moment in your life!